Alterations at Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA
April 6 – 9, 2016

Gender and identity are performative, an ongoing act of navigating shifting norms. Whether conscious or not, we all choose to present ourselves, in part, through the clothes we wear. In selecting them, we engage with layered lexicons of pattern, cut, color, and fiber.

I am fascinated by the cultural and historical roots of fabric patterns, especially those that relate images of nature to ideas of gender, class, and rural identity. There is often a disconnect between how plants and landscapes exist in the world and how they are represented on cloth. I explore this gap by altering existing fabrics through applique and patching techniques, and by making my own photographic repeat patterns. By crafting images into fabric and garments, I consider connections between the unrealistic ideals projected onto other organisms and those applied to the human body.

I am particularly interested in artistic interventions in everyday life, participatory and collaborative work, and the use value of art. To these ends, Alterations includes space and materials for people to (a)mend their own clothing. Viewers are welcome to become participants by taking a photo patch in exchange for their commitment to sew it onto a garment.